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Time for a Different Approach?

IT is increasingly being asked to spend less time on infrastructure and more time (and budget) on application services that add business value. Despite a continuous stream of IT hardware and software enhancements, the infrastructure challenges faced by IT teams continue to rise. The IT infrastructure and virtualisation software required to meet the needs of business is complex and expensive, and datacenter management has become painful. Far too much time and effort are focused on just keeping the lights on.


Legacy infrastructure—with separate storage, storage networks, and servers—is not well suited to meet the growing demands of enterprise applications or the fast pace of modern business. The silos created by traditional infrastructure have become a barrier to change and progress, adding complexity to every step, from ordering to deployment to management.

New business initiatives require buy-in from multiple teams, and IT needs must be predicted 3-to-5 years in advance. As most IT teams know, this involves a substantial amount of guesswork and is almost impossible to get right. In addition, vendor lock-in and increasing licensing costs are stretching budgets to the breaking point.

These are typical issues we here on evert IT environment. More or less when it comes to Infrastructure, business are dealing with at least one of the following challenges


Be one step closer to excellence

Defining the future infrastructure roadmap can challenging, technology is emerging and there are lots of buzz worlds. every solution has exciting values to deliver but which one is the best fit for your environment ?  

Our experts, share their knowledge and skillsets with you from the earlier stages of planning, assessment till procurement, implementation and optimisation. This is an end to end, outcome driven approach.